Take the Online Point of Dispensing (POD) Training

August 5 2016. Written by Stephanie Parsons-Freeburger, Maryland Responds State Administrator.
The Maryland Responds MRC Point of Dispensing (POD) Training Webinar is now available online. This webinar provides an overview of Point of Dispensing (POD) Operations specifically for Maryland Responders. PODs are locations throughout a jurisdiction used to distribute medications in the event of a public health emergency. For a POD to function properly, many people will need to be able to work together efficiently. This webinar focuses on non-medical dispensing,  introducing participants to the command structure of a POD, the basic POD flow, and the stations in a POD to prepare you for working in a POD during an emergency response. Information on the types of job responsibilities and tasks you may be assigned as a volunteer in a POD is also discussed.

To take the Point of Dispensing (POD) Training Webinar, log on to the Maryland Responds Online Training Site (or create an account if you haven’t already): http://mdresponds.myicourse.com/. From the Course Catalog, select the course entitled, “Points of Dispensing (POD) Training Webinar.”

Don’t know much about PODs? Check out OP&R’s “What to Expect at a Point of Dispensing (POD)” fact sheet here.
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